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Wooden Shelves

Wooden shelves for storage: archive, exhibition stand, shop, office, warehouse etc.
The shelves and beams of this wooden shelving are made of high-quality Scandinavian wood.
Wooden shelves for all purposes – the applications are endless!

Noordrek offers different wooden shelving systems, which are durable, practical and flexible. These wooden shelves are easy to assemble and can be expanded as desired.

The wooden shelving systems can be divided into 3 series, ranging from a simple shelter to a more luxurious shelter.

For all shelves, they are manufactured from a good quality solid wood with a good quality-price ratio. Of course you can always count on our service.

Below are the 3 types of our wooden shelving system:
Scanda de Basic
Scanda de Royal
Scanda de Luxe

wooden shelve system “ScandaDeBasic”
Scanda De Basic wooden shelves are characterized by flexibility and excellent value for money. There are choices between 2 different heights, 4 different depths, 2 different widths and different shelves.

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wooden shelve system “ScandaDeRoyal”
ScandaDeRoyal Wooden shelves are characterized by their versatility, flexibility and ease of use. Available in many heights, depths and lengths. Uncoated, painted or varnished in four different colors: black, white, brown and cherry color.

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wooden shelve system “ScandaDeLuxe”
ScandaDeLuxe wooden shelves are the most robust wooden shelter set from Noordrek with a carrying capacity of up to 170 kg suitable for the storage of heavier goods.
These Wooden shelves are a quality product of solid wood. High capacity: up to 170 kg! In addition, you can choose from a variety of design options in this shelving system. Maximum space saving with minimal effort.

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Warehouse space and retail space can be cheaper!
Optimal warehouse and store storage for the lowest price and (thus) the highest return. Low cost and efficiency per m² is the value. Important is then a functional storage that can also be economically worked out. For these requirements, the Noordrek wooden shelving is the right proposition.

Wooden shelves from Noordrek:

  • Available in stock
  • Suitable for any warehouse, archive or store
  • Easy to assemble yourself
  • Flexible, adjustable and expandable
  • High carrying capacity and high storage capacity
  • Dutch brand, so quality is strictly checked
  • Reasonable price!
  • Prices are excl. VAT
  • Complete with 5 shelves and cross brace.

A short overview:

Deliverable on demand
Suitable for any storage depot, archive or shop
Easy to assemble
Flexible to adapt and extend
High loading and great storage capacity
Dutch fabricate guarantees controlled quality
Smallest prices!
Prices Excl Taxes