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Mezzanine floor: standard and customize

With our mezzanine floors you will have fast, stable and effectively more space in your business premises, store or warehouse.

Characteristics of our mezzanine floors

Mezzanine floors can hold the tension up to 11 meters in length.
Mezzanine floors that have loading capacity of up to 2000 kg/m².
Mezzanine floors that have profiles of galvanized steel.
Mezzanine floors for high point load floors.

All mezzanine floors are structurally analyzed. CAD drawings are also made and will be sent to you as PDF so that you can check if it satisfies your demands.


Normally we are using natural chipboard with 38 mm thickness. At the bottom is the chipboard white laminated in order to get good light reflection. The floorboards are furnished with plume, fire classification Cfl-s1. If you wish, we can also arrange an anti-slip top layer with fire classification Bfl-s1. A grid floor is used for any sprinkler installation or where ventilation is needed and this helps for a good daylight utilization.


In order to have access to the mezzanine floor you have the following choices:

  • 45° stair (steep stairs)
  • 35° stair (lazy stairs)


The hand rails and knee rails are made of tube profile with the color of RAL7035. The columns are colored with RAL5010. The 100 mm side boards prevent products from falling.

Pallet Handling Zone

Pallet handling zone with red/white chain is the most common variant of a pallet depot for the mezzanine floor and is also the most advantageous. We also offer different variants such as “up and over pallet” and “360° turning plateau”.

European Legislation

Our mezzanine floors are calculated and manufactured base on the current European Legislation. In circumstances that our customers will have specific needs for their floors, our knowledge and experiences in structural analysis takes place.

Noordrek has developed a software program in order to attend the needs of customers in a short notice. Whether it is a simple or a complicated project, this structural analysis program guarantees an efficient calculation and therefor Noordrek offers you the best price in town.

We are always ready for you, from designing to constructions.

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