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Warehouse shelving systems. Industrial storage shelves.

Metalsistem Super 123
Plastic Storage Shelves – HACCP Foodgrade
Wooden Storage Shelves
Long Span Shelving
Pallet Racking System

Warehouse Equipment – Sharp Price Warehouse Shelves

Metalsistem Super 123
The Metalsistem Super 123 steel bearing system is solid and strong . The use of galvanised steel ensures the durability of the product. The structural components are produced from 3.1 certified high tensile structural steels in accordance with the EN10204 standards. High-grade steel and special shaped profiles provide the system with a high resistance and maximum capacity. You can calculate your steel shelve (cabinet) online with our configurator. More information? Shelves, steel cabinet shelves, Tires shelving system >>

Metalsistem Super 123

Plastic storage ShelvingHACCP Foodgrade
Plastic shelves are flexible expandable, robust and easy to handle – and of course approved according to the quality standards of food safety, (HACCP). Our plastic frames are available in different sizes without height limitation and also available in a mobile version. More information? >>

Plastic Storage Shelving

Wooden Shelves
Noordrek offers different wooden shelving systems, which are durable, practical and flexible. These wooden shelving systems are subdivided into 3 series, ranging from a simple shelter to a more luxurious shelter set. Calculate your wooden shelves online. More information?>>

Wooden Shelving system

Longspan Shelving
Longspan shelving or widespan racking is the perfect storage shelving solution for larger goods and box storage when pallet racking is too heavy-duty/not cost effective.
The Noordrek wide range / large racks are easy to assemble and multi-use. Our wide range is suitable for heavy goods storage. In addition, the wide-angle frame is applicable for floor construction combined with a floor-to-ceiling floor. More information? >>

Pallet Racking System
Noordrek BV pallet sets are manufactured exclusively from high quality steel and comply with the FEM and EN standards. Our pallet sets are available in stock in various sizes of different carrying capacities and expand with various accessories. More information? >>