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Mezzanine Floor Structural Analysis

Each mezzanine floor that is requested from Noordrek BV is statically calculated in advance.

Conducted Standards

NENEN 1990 (en)
Euro code lays down the principles of safety, usefulness and durability of structures, outlines the basis for their design, calculation, and testing and provides guidelines for coherent aspects of constructive reliability.

NENEN 199111
Gives design and calculation instructions and taxes for the constructive design of buildings and civil engineering works, including some geotechnical conditions.

NENEN 199311 (en)
Euro code 3: Design and calculation of steel structures
Section 11: General rules and rules for buildings

NENEN 199318 (en)
Euro code 3: Design and calculation of steel structures
Part 18: Design and calculation of connections.

CAD drawings are also made. These drawings are sent to the customer as PDF files, so that the customer will have an idea if the mezzanine floor can meet his/her wishes. On these drawings are all the necessary information for construction.