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Pallet Racking System

Pallet racks are available in stock in various sizes of different carrying capacities, so you can optimally use the available space according to your wishes. Pallet racks can also be expanded with various accessories, and we are happy to advise you.

Noordrek Pallet Racking System
Noordrek pallet racks feature a universal system that gives direct access to each pallet. An easy and clear storage system.

Features of Noordrek Pallet Racking System:

  • Exclusively application of high quality steel
  • comply with FEM and EN standards.

With the Noordrek Pallet Racking System you have the option of optimal storage efficiency and in this way you improve your inventory control. Thanks to its extensive dimensions, capacities and many accessories, the Noordrek Pallet Racking System fits virtually any space and with any stacked product.

Pallet Racking System specifications:
Only the most suitable quality are chosen in every strong pallet racking system.

PROFILING: A pallet racking system with maximum safety
Great accuracy in the field of quality has resulted in the maximum rigidity of pallet racking system. This has been developed through decades of experience in combination with research in manufacturing. This makes the pallet racking system the best ally of the mechanics.

Welding works with strict control
The welding is fully automated. A strict control of 100% of the components using state-of-the-art technology increases the reliability of pallet racking system to a maximum.

Paintwork of durable resistance
The pre-treatment of the components (including osmosis water washing) and the application of modern epoxy coatings provides Noordrek BV the best durability guarantee.

Noordrek has a warehouse with various standard pallet shelves in stock so we can offer you the best delivery terms. Ask us for information and advice without obligation.